these are a few of my favorite things

I've been having a pretty good time these past few weeks and thought I would do a nice stereotypical blog thing...

Things that have made me smile recently...
(in no particular order)

1. playing bass
2. Ella reaching out both her hands so I'll hold her
3. Andrew Peterson
4. Scrubs, season 3
5. a 57 through a Neve
6. cheesy science fiction novels
7. Alison's unique personal dialect
8. my Les Paul
9. South Park vs. Scientology
10. Paul Eckberg
11. seeing squirrels in my front yard
12. Jason Feller and his songs in my head
13. Ella's laugh
14. t-shirt sheets
15. Apple store refurbs
16. Cason Cooley
17. "The Morning"
18. setting up chairs early at church
19. Led Zeppelin IV
20. the Will Power of Will Sayles
21. my annoying neighbors who blew up their house
22. my Strat
23. Jeff Irwin and his new myspace group
24. my new cd's artwork
25. my BadCat amp
26. Todd Bragg
27. my wife's blog
28. The Cardigans "Long Gone Before Daylight" album
29. walking down to the studio and finding an empty room
30. naps
31. my neighborhood
32. Josh Moore and the band The Valentines
33. Ella thinks her rubber ducky talks to her in the bath
(it's really Alison or me. Rubber ducks don't talk.)
34. The Bar-B-Cutie