rock and roll week

Thanks to everybody who left comments about the cover and title for the new record. I really feel great about it all, and think the ideas have been pretty well captured by the artwork. I should have an actual release date for you in a day or two, but it will be around a month or so. We're finishing up the mastering and artwork this week.

I'm playing four shows this week, in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. The dates are on the tour page. I'll be playing new and old songs and hope to have some limited edition pre-release cd's, featuring some of the new songs, available. I'll know more tomorrow.

The band has changed around a bit since ol' Paul Eckberg had to go and get the chance to play for Amy Grant, thus paying his mortgage well into his 50's. The indubitably spectacular Will Sayles is going to play the run instead, and that will be a blast. He and Jeff Irwin played the drums and bass on the bulk of The Morning and they, as well as Cason and Jason Feller, will be with me all week. Oh man, we're going to have a loud, fun time. I'll try to update daily from the road, so keep checking in. We're rehearsing a bit tomorrow and then heading out for Austin on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to a bit of rock and roll this week.

In other news, the Pantagraph, the newspaper in my hometown of Normal, IL just did a story on The Normals, my old band. I think it turned out pretty well.

I guess that's about it. I actually had a day off this past week and it was great. I hung out with the Ells, who's such a blast these days, and just rested up a bit. I've sold off about half of the gear in the studio and will probably put the rest of it up on ebay after this week's trip.

Oh yeah, I played bass at church again this morning, and I just have to say. Bass is the most fun instrument in the world. I am totally not good but I have such a blast playing.

Well, have a great Monday everybody. If you're near Austin, Ruston, LA, Arkadelphia or Little Rock, come on out and support us at our rock and roll shows. Take care and I'll see you out there.