The Eagle Has Landed

So I've been talking on here about my search for a new place to move my studio. You probably also know that I've had a few promising things fall through. About a week and a half ago I got news of yet another idea crumbling apart and finally just spent some time in prayer about it. I felt like I knew pretty instantly what I needed to do.

I've decided to close down my studio.

I'm going to finish up the projects I have on the books and that will be it. I'm going to sell off all my gear but a few necessities for demos and the occasional overdub.

There are many reasons that make this somewhat abrupt change seem like the right one, the first of which is how clearly I feel I'm being led. This is also going to give me more time with my family and time for rest.

The studio requires a ton of time to keep going, and frankly, I'm just worn completely out. To move it out of the house would take even more time and also more money, and this fact grew more evident with each passing day. And it's money I don't frankly have (as all you pre-order folks know...) If that was the only thing I wanted to do for a couple years I could probably make it work, but it's not, so I'm really not in the position to make that move.

This will give me a lot of freedom, freedom to spend more time and effort on my solo career (i.e. booking and playing more shows), on becoming a better guitar player and on writing more songs, both for me and other people.

It's not that I'll stop working on records, in all honesty I'll probably work on more. The weird thing is that the studio kept getting more successful, so when I would get called to do guitar work on other records or asked to help out writing songs for other people I had to keep turning them down. Frankly, these are things I enjoy more than recording acoustic guitars in my basement.

I'll still try to produce a couple of records a year, but not twenty, and more importantly, NOT IN MY HOUSE! I'll just freelance at other studios for this season, and that is all right with me. The important thing is not owning gear, it's knowing how to use it and knowing the purpose behind using it, and I feel I've learned that over the past four years of owning my own room.

I've gotten to make some incredible music with some incredible artists and it wasn't without some sadness last week when I put everything in boxes. I don't regret the time I've spent pursuing this direction and I don't feel I'll be gone from it forever. I'm really humbled and grateful for all the amazing people that decided to put their hearts to melody and place the scalpel in my hands. I hope I've done a good job for them.

So, yeah, that's my big news. I'm not scared about the future, a little curious, perhaps, at how it will all come together, but I trust it's the right thing and I'm truly excited about the opportunities this will present. Again, the gear for sale is here, and if you see something you want, just send me an e-mail. It's a first-come, first-serve deal and I'm just hoping to not have to take much to ebay. Too much hassle. I just want to get it out of here, so I'm not tempted to take another job, and move on.

Thanks to all of you for your prayer and support for us as my family and I take these steps. I'll start trying to book some solo shows here soon, so if you have or know of a place that has folks like me in, please let me know. Thanks again to all of you and I'll keep you posted.