all sorts of awesome randomness

Ok, this post will be chock full of all sorts of great links and a couple tiny AO updates. Just what you woke up this morning wanting so bad!

First off, last night was the inaugural Square Peg Alliance concert. It was both a songwriter showcase (we each did one song) and a cd release show for Eric Peters, whose new album "Scarce" came out on Tuesday. Cason, Paul, Brent Milligan and I were his band and, man, we had a blast. In the songwriter round I had the band play with me and we did "House of Mirrors" from my new record.

It was really an amazing time, of music, yes, but more so for the community and the time to just enjoy being with each other and supporting each other. I look forward to more of these and was so glad we finally got something off the ground.

Here are some photos that Norman Chin took last night. Thanks Norman.

There has been some cool discussion going on about this post I wrote a few days ago.

Also, a few days ago, I was ichatting with Brannon from Portland Studios, who is doing my album artwork, did Andy P's, and a lot of the Square Peg stuff as well. He was apparently designing a t-shirt for the upcoming Caedmon's tour and didn't have time to get everything done. I told him that I would gladly take over on the t-shirt designing front. After, no lie, only about six minutes with PhotoShop (for the first time ever, I must add) I came out with this little diddy.

Needless to say, he was amazed. For some reason, Caedmon's passed on it. However, if you come to a show wearing this shirt, I guarantee you a free Caedmon's cd. Let's show them what happens when they ignore my designs!

Ella has been sick this week, for the first time in her life. Can you imagine that, I really can't. Anyway, it's been sad, but sweet, since she just wants to be held all week, and I've been more than happy to oblige.

Well, we're going to head out to Baja Burrito to eat lunch with Andy, Randall and Paul, so we'll catch you later. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, a quick P.S. (I'm adding this a few hours later....) For all you LOST fanatics who saw last night's great episode, Joe Bassett sent me this article by some reporter who thinks he's figured it all out. Not sure, but he has some interesting ideas. Man, I love that show. The fake beard... dang.