possibly the greatest theme party mix of all time

I couldn't sleep tonight so I got back out of bed and decided to do a little work on the ol' blog. So, here I am and a rerun of Alias was on while I was flipping through all of our six channels and it made me realize: this used to be a great show. It's an early episode from season 2, when the mom showed up and SD6 was still around, and dang, it's good. They should have stopped after season 3 and moved on. Like I did.

We had Ella's birthday party tonight. What a blast. A bunch of babies were crawling around and we had some great cake and girly party food. Both my and Alison's parents came to town, as did my brother and his wife. We had a great time with our family and our friends, and Ella had on the cutest little polka dot dress. This having a little kid thing just keeps getting better and better. AND I got to make a great mix CD of songs with the word "One" in the title. Here was my stunningly amazing themed party soundtrack...

ONE - U2
you're the ONE I want - Grease
holy ONE - Caedmon's (why not?)
the lucky ONE - Alison Krauss
ONE way or another - Blondie
2 become ONE - Spice Girls
ONE more night - Phil Collins
still the ONE - Shania Twain
The ONE I Love - R.E.M.
ONE love - Bob Marley
all for ONE, all for love - Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting
this ONE's for the girls - Martina McBride
ONE is the loneliest number - Aimee Mann

Feel free to use this for your one-year old's party and if you have any other songs you think I should have added, leave it as a comment. And I took off the Metallica song cause it just seemed a bit too, um, Metallica, for a baby's party, so don't worry about that one...

She's getting baptized in the morning at church and I'm excited. I'll let you know how it went tomorrow. Sleep well.