Elloree update

Here is the latest e-mail from Rick at Elloree Guitars who is building Cason and I a pair of electric guitars.


Hey man, you wanna see somethin' wild? I hate to have to admit it, but all this clutter is needed just for the final assembling of an instrument. There are so many thousands of details that go into this thing. I remember the first guitar I built, about twelve or thirteen years ago. It was really going to be the only one I would ever build. I think the only tool I had then that I'm still using now is that soldering gun. For the life of me, I still can't remember how I managed to get that guitar built. This is the six string. Since I took that picture this morning, I have come very close to completing it. I'm not altogether through, but hot-diggity-dog, I'm getting real close to being through. More to report later.


Here is the 12-string...

and Cason's completed 6-string (a day later...)

And just so everybody knows, these guitars play and sound great, otherwise we wouldn't have asked him to build them, and he's easily the most affordable custom builder I've ever heard of. If you're thinking of a new guitar, I'd give Rick a call...