Mix - Day 1

Sorry I didn't write this weekend. My computer died, so I couldn't do anything I planned on. It's in the shop now, and I've got a loaner so I can get stuff done. Whew.

I have a couple things to share tonight before I go to bed. First off, and I have been meaning to post this for over a week now, the promoter for a solo show I played in Champaign, IL this past November recorded the show and is selling limited edition copies of it. You can purchase them here. Two of the songs from my new record were played that night and are available on here. Also, Mark Lockett from the Normals and my brother Rob sat in during part of the show and you can hear them as well. This cd is a fundraiser for their church, so it's for a good cause as well. It's 10 bucks, plus 2 for shipping and handling, etc... so a good deal.

Three of the songs for the new record are mixed now. Shane started on them today and, dang, they sound phenomenal. Cason and I walked in to hear them and were just floored. Usually we have to make a bunch of suggestions and changes to get it where we want it, but with Shane it was already there. You guys will not believe how incredible it sounds. We were just so happy with it. I'll get to go hear more tunes tomorrow and I honestly can't wait. And Shane is growing his beard out more and looking very Rick Rubin-ish in the best way possible.

Our Caedmon's show in California was all right this weekend. I got really sick on Friday, after pulling a few all-nighters to get the record done, then putting in the new kitchen floor (which is looking GOOD) and having my grandparents in for a visit. They were all great things, but I was just beat and started feeling pretty rough. About three tunes into the set I realized I was losing my voice. By the time we got to the songs I sing it was just gone. I did a version of "High School Band" involving much audience participation and singing along with my pretty much spoken-word performance. It seems those types of things tend to be pretty great sometimes, though. Maybe it's just that people know they're seeing something unique, that's not at every other concert, but those moments where things don't go as planned can really be inspiring. Anyway, it was good to see the guys and get to play nice and loud. The plane ride was LONG though, probably especially since I was feeling so bad. Oh well.

The greatest thing about mixing week is that you only need to be there for a couple of hours, but since you don't know when they'll be you have to kind of leave the day open. This meant I got to play with Ella a lot today, and that was really nice. She's standing up all the time and kind of inching her way to where she wants to go. She'll probably start walking pretty soon, and I can't even believe it. She's changing so fast and it's so much fun to watch her getting more and more like a "real person" whatever that means...

Anyway, it's getting late and I need to head to bed. Thanks for giving me a few minutes to read this and check out that cd if you get a minute. I'll try to write again tomorrow. Until then...