new album clips and other jazz

First off, from now until Sunday night at midnight I am going to make available song clips from the new album. You'll be able to find them here. Feel free to pass them along and to let me know what you think here on the comments section.

I just got back from playing a show with Matthew Perryman Jones. Holy cow, it was so much fun. I've been, along with my cousin Dean, pulling up old kitchen floor and putting down hardwood all week. I had to pull a couple all-nighters over the weekend to get my record ready for mix and Matt Long's ready for mastering, and then doing all this home improvement work, and it's left me pretty beat. To get to go and play, very loudly I might add, some of my favorite songs with some of my favorite people was a great release. He just finished a new record and, man, it's just stinking great. I've listened to it about sixteen times in the last two days. I'll let you know when it comes out.

Anyway, the floor almost got done today, but not quite. I'll get it finished up tomorrow. And my grandparents are in town and will hang out with us tomorrow as well. That should be fun. My grandpa has some surgery coming up soon so this is the last time they'll get to travel for a little while and it means a lot that they came to see us.

Well, that's it for me today. Please check out the song clips and please, please share the word if you're excited about what you hear. Word-of-mouth is the best way to get people to become more aware of what I'm doing, and that keeps the food on the table, and for that I can't thank you all enough. So have a great last couple of the days of this week. I'm playing with Caedmon's again on Saturday, we haven't played in about two months, so I'll let you know how that went while I'm out in California with them this weekend.