Super Text Twist Million Point Acceptance Speech

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all so much!

I'm thrilled to be here, and I want to thank all the other great contestants. It could have been anybody's game.

I want to thank Marcus Myers for letting me know about Super Text Twist in the first place. Without you I never would have made it here.

I'd like to thank for creating the game in the first place, and for only putting enough room for a six digit score. That makes it look way more awesome when a million points spills over other graphics.

There are some other people and companies that helped me get to where I am today:

The General Electric Company. Without you I would have been able to put one or two strands of lights on our Christmas tree and they might have all worked and that would be it. But you guys made strands that keep shutting off, so that I had to put four strands, each with the unlit half bundled up and "hidden" among the brances. And then when two of the working ones died on the tree I had to take them all and start over with the other two strands left, another of which halfway quit in the middle. Had they all worked the first time I would have gone to bed like a normal person and not needed to sit and play a word game on the computer to calm down, and then I never would have gotten to a million points.

My wife, Alison, I never could have done it without you, baby!

The Gilmore Girls. Thank you for making a show that my wife can't stop watching, but that I don't really have to care about. I can sit here and play while she enjoys episode after episode. The small amount of curiousity I have about the show can be quelled by listening and asking the occasional question while I pursue my dream of a million Text Twist points.

Thank you.

Thank you to our new little girl, as of yet unborn. Your waiting these last few days has given me the time to keep playing. I've made it now, though, so come on anytime!

To Apple computers, for making awesome computers that make my friends and I feel cool.

To Ella, for wanting us to sing Jingle Bells all day, because you love to dance to it.

And finally, to Super Text Twist, for being so addictive and awesome. And for letting all me friends download it and play it for free right here. You've made me into the million point champion I am today.

Thank you all very much for this honor.

STT: 1,080,550