New Beginning

For Christmas this year I decided to give you guys a song off of my record. Some of you have it already, I know, and so it's not a big deal, but to those of you who haven't bought it or heard it (which you can for free right here) I'm giving you a song.

In honor of Christmas, the New Year and my new baby girl, I thought track 13, New Beginning would be appropriate.

Click here to download.

If you want to help me out this Christmas, I'd love it if you'd take this song and send it to your friends. Leave it on your desktop and send it to people you instant message with. Add it to your e-mails. Let people know about this guy whose music you listen to and/or whose blog you read. It would be wonderful for me, and I think it could be a powerful song for people this time of year.

I told you how I wrote some new lyrics for the third verse last week and now seems like a great time to post them...

I'm tired of being an angry man
I've hid inside for far too long,
you kept your vow and held my hand
while I looked for God in rhyme and song,
our girls are dancing in their dreams,
the promise of a better life,
I want to be a father full of grace
and a loving husband to my wife...

Thank you guys again for allowing me, and my friends, to do what we do. I am continually humbled and grateful. I'm thrilled to be working on a good amount of Spring tour dates, so hopefully my songs and I can connect with you in person soon. I hope you guys enjoy this song.