I finally found my old green hat

Man, I had fun tonight. We played our set with Matthew Perryman Jones (who if you haven't heard him, you must go here now and fix that) and it was awesome. Really one of the most fun shows I've played in a while. Matthew's songs are great and his voice is beyond great. Seriously, it's like the clouds part and the heavens speak deeply when he sings.

We got to actually work on arranging stuff a bit in rehearsal the other night, and it made such a big difference. I find that when I play local gigs without rehearsing a ton I play in a way I never would on a record, and I'm usually very unhappy with it. I need to make a sign on the floor really big that says "play less!!". I think I compensate for not knowing the songs super well by barreling through them. Doesn't make sense, but I know we all do it. The more aware of this I become, hopefully, the more thoughtful and musical player I'll be.

I worked over at Jeremy's Map Room today on a record he's producing for Joe Bassett. I did Joe's EP a couple years ago and so it was fun to be a part of this new one. Used the Visual Sound Workhorse again, and it did great. Also got to pull out a bit of electric baritone and just fell in love with the depth and beauty of that instrument all over again. Getting to hang out with Jeremy wasn't too bad either...

We've been working hard at making the transition to having two kids. Both girls are wonderful and sweet, but it's been pretty tough. Harder than we thought. For the past few days Sadie's been up all night, then of course Ella is up all day, so sleep has gone the way of the dodo.

Alison's mom has been staying with us, which has been super helpful, but tonight is the first night with just our new four-person family under our roof. The Christmas tree is lit up and all the girls are amazingly asleep at the same time. It's quiet and it's nice.

I've been reading a collection of short stories by Wendell Berry called That Distant Land. Now, I've been accused of being an exaggerator before, but I am not at all in this next sentence. I have read four stories in this book and he is easily one of my favorite writers ever. Top Five. The way he writes is stunningly beautiful, very simple and honest. His writing is a feast. So rich and full, but easy to enter into . The thing that really kills me is how lovingly he treats all his characters. His villains do terrible things, but he loves them. It is the Gospel without ever preaching a single word. I have been moved to tears with almost every story and I beg you all to read it.

Well, I should really get to bed. Thanks for your patience with me in this crazy season. I'll try to keep the posts coming a bit more regular as I get back on my feet. Also, keep an eye out, I'm starting to book my first-ever solo tour this Spring. If you are at all interested in bringing me to your school or club or church or whatever, please let me know. I'll have some dates to share in a few weeks. And I'll have a Christmas sale in a day or two. Just waiting on Aware to get the price change up and I'll post a fresh link. Nothing says Merry Christmas like an Andrew Osenga cd. I think I read that in a Wendell Berry story...