Friday afternoon

I just had a good lunch with Randall and Todd. As you may know, Randall and I have been writing for the new Caedmon's record, and Todd is our drummer. We had a great conversation. Faith. New songs. Philip Seymour Hoffman being awesome. Stuff like that. Good times.

I've been working so much, on this record, on getting the house ready for the new baby and playing shows and sessions to keep the bills paid that I'm pretty wiped out most of the time right now. I'm excited to get to stay home this weekend, though. I mean, I get to mow the yard in November. That'll be fun. Oh, and I've been reading the book Dune and it is totally rocking my world.

Ok, I've got to make some new demos really quick for a 4 o'clock meeting, so I've got to run, but I wanted to check in, say hey, let you all know I'm still alive... Have a great weekend.