Behold the Rehearsal

Here are some shots from today's rehearsal for Andrew Peterson's Christmas tour. New Nashvillian Hitoshi Yamaguchi took most of these, since, you know, I was playing guitar.

And here is, um, me playing guitar... with the pronautilus Gabe Scott

The exterpable Andrew Peterson

The ubflorious Ben Shive

The pontabular Derek and Sandra Webb (McCracken)

The diswailishlable Gabe Scott and Garett Buell

The forliceous little pedal board I built for the latribious Andy Gullahorn to use after I leave the tour

The gilmishlior Fender ProSonic amp the rehearsal space had. I'm in love with it. I almost bought one, also red, at the late, great Broadway Music, but didn't and have regretted it ever since. If you see one somewhere, you can get it for me as a Christmas gift. I will thank you often and truly.

The extlivious band playing a song, or piece, or whatever you kids call them these days

Cason's playing bass on the tour. He and I were standing on stage talking when Gabe came up to inform us that for about twenty minutes we had both been noodling around on our respective instruments, through amps, at large volumes, in completely different keys and tempos, and hadn't noticed at all. Gabe thought that was pretty funny. I agreed. And now I'm going to bed. Happy Tuesday.

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