so I'm kind of addicted...

to this game called Super Text Twist. See, I'm a word game kind of guy. Most of my friends and family refuse to play Boggle with me (unless they get to team up on me...) Marcus Myers turned me onto this game two years ago, on Andrew Peterson's Christmas tour. (Which, by the way, I'll only be playing the first two of, in Houston, and then the Ryman show here in Nashville...)

Anyway, I can't stop playing Super Text Twist (from here on: STT) and it's because I got a Ninja-Butt-Kick High Score and now I have to top it.

The current high score had been 182,000 but got replaced by a gorgeous 510,850. That was level 103, folks.

Now, the secret is that you get muddled after a few rounds (each round takes 2:30 or however you complete each puzzle) and you start forgetting which words you've used in the last round and you lose. So... I try to only play four or five rounds at a time, maximum. That high score took me about three weeks.

Currently, I'm in the #2 spot with 281,400. My goal is a million. So, from now until I hit it, each blog post will end with a STT score in italics.

If you want to play the game, the free download gives you 40 rounds, and you can play online as well. There are a couple of sites that host it, but this is the main one, I believe. Happy Twisting.

STT: 281,400