leavin' on a(nother) Jet Plane

Hey there, sorry I've been a lackluster blogging phenom this week. I'm about to pack a bag while watching tonight's tape of LOST and then head to bed. I leave in the morning for this week's run of shows.

I've written about before, so I won't go into detail, but the day before I leave is always the hardest. Trying to cram in time with Ella (who doesn't realize what's going on) and Alison (who does) along with getting projects finished up and packing and all, is just crazy.

We had our neighborhood fellowship tonight, which was wonderful as always, and I had a guitar session all day at Sputnik. I got about two hours with Ells before putting her down and heading out for our group, so that was great.

Anyway, I'll have a LOT of time this weekend on airplanes and in vans and waiting through soundchecks, so I should be able to catch up then. Thanks, and I hope to see you this weekend!

Oh, and two other things, a few of you have written me about the details of the Dallas Caedmon's show and my site being different. Theirs is right, I'm sure, so let's go by that. If you get there three hours early and I was wrong, I'll sneak you into catering and play you a couple extra tunes before the show to make up for it. So it's a no-lose...

Second, my very pregnant (and cute) wife will have a lot on her hands with our 19-month old while it's just the two of them for five days. Alison has been instructed to get a lot of rest, but that's hard to come by around here. If you could pray for them and their time, (and if you're a friend or neighbor who reads this and wants to be an answer to that prayer) we would be very grateful and appreciative. Thanks.