just saying thanks

I read somewhere, probably on a blog, which means probably on Shaun Groves' blog since it's one of the few I actually read, that an average of 1% of the people who visit a blog daily are likely to comment. That means for every 100 of you, one of you will reply to this post down there where it says "comments".

I try very hard to not be a stats dweller. I try not to be too minutely aware of exactly how many people do this at this hour and all that stuff. I'm a big picture guy. People come to my site and spend time and a lot of them do it every day.

That, to me, is beyond wonderful.

That 1% statistic makes sense based on the big picture that I know of regarding this site. And what that means, to me, is that there a small number of you that want to get involved in that way, and since you're not the exact same 15 every day, there's maybe 50 of you. And you're awesome.

And that means there's a lot of folks who come by to see what's going on, maybe you meander through those other folks' comments, maybe you're daily bummed that Derek's not back in Caedmon's, who knows. But you swing by regularly, and I assume it's because you enjoy and care about what is going on in my little corner of the world. And you're awesome.

I've said it a number of times before, but back in The Normals (RIP) we longed desperately for a bit of community around our music, and there was a little, but we just could never get it fully off the ground. I feel inordinately blessed by you posters, and you linkers, and you people that come by daily, weekly, monthly, whatever. You allow me and my friends to do what we've been created to do, and I don't mean that in an American Idol "I couldn't do it without my fans" sort of way.

I really couldn't do this without you.


Sitting there reading this right now.

The time you're taking to read my thoughts is time I'm grateful for.

I've been playing music for (what some would call) a living for nine years now. That's incredible. Thanks for supporting me and letting me do this.

I hope you, yeah you, the person still reading this, have a great day today, and I hope you get to do something that makes you happy in an "I can't believe I'm getting to do this" way.

And I'd love for you 1% to let me know what made you happy in that way, if it happens for you today.

Cause you guys are awesome.