good to be back

All righty then, the holidays are over and we're all getting back in the swing of things. I have about six posts in my head I will try to sit down and write in the next couple of weeks, but for today I'll just give you the quickies.

The Osenga Project, the pre-order site, is now up and running. Currently up there is a live video of one of the songs, taken from the last performance at the New City in Knoxville, and an acoustic demo of another of the new songs. Members have access to (what they hopefully would deem) the goodness and can comment and talk about it with each other. If you haven't pre-ordered, now is the time to do it to get the good stuff.

In similar news, my EP "Souvenirs and Postcards" is about out. To my untrained eye it looks like I've got about twenty copies left. Unlike "Photographs" a re-printing won't be for a while, so if you wanted to get a copy, I wouldn't wait. I'll take it out of stock on the store when that happens.

Cason and I are in the trenches of the new record this week, pouring on the guitars, at long last, and the stuff is coming together really well. I've had these songs in various states of complete disarray for so long that I've kind of grown scared of a few of them, and to finally hear them getting finished I am able to breathe all sorts of sighs of relief. And they're all going different, and better, places than I originally expected. Methinks Cason has something to do with this...

And finally, because what's a blog without one, here's a list of my new years resolutions (which will really be mine this year, as opposed to the year I was asked to write some for publication in CCM magazine and they changed all my answers...)

1. use that elliptical!! Lose the ol' 20.

2. read a book that's not a novel

3. write a book that is

4. be playing five to six solo shows a month by the end of the year

5. get the Velvet Eagle to be a sulf-sustaining entity, and most importantly, get it out of the basement!!

6. learn to mix on an analog console (I just got one, more on that later)

7. return phone calls and e-mails

8. find a mentor

9. take my wife on a vacation

10. foster a daily habit of study, prayer and meditation

With that I shall leave you. Blessings to you all in this new year! Thanks for your continued love and support for me, my music and my family. Stay classy 2006!