love and crockpots

Well, good afternoon webalogues, I hope you've had a good Monday following a good weekend. We had a nice weekend here in Osenga-land. We were actually home and not running around crazy. It was very nice.

I got to go today and look at the building I've been really hoping would work out for the studio. Cason and my ever-faithful-with-his-awesome-hair intern David joined me. I should hear back in a couple days whether or not I'm going to get one of the rooms. Man, I really hope it works out, this place is awesome. I won't talk about it too much cause it will just get my hopes up that much more, but I'm hopeful.

In other news, I've put more stuff up on ebay today. The guitars are my cousin Dean's, one of them is a killer tele. You can find my auctions here and, as always, you should bid on them all.

Some fun stuff is going to happen with my record this week. We're in the "fun stuff" stage so we're going to Phil Madeira's tomorrow to get him playing some B3. I can't wait. That's like a dream come true. Garett will hopefully get to knock out some percussion later this week, as well. The studio is rented out during the day this week so I'm trying to tackle a vocal a night. I'm also working on finishing up Matt Long's mixes this week, too.

My wife has been rocking the crock pot for the past week or so and something is smelling very delicious in our house right now. Mmmmm.... Ella's in her Johnny-Jump-Up "running" back and forth and sharing her wide and varied opinions with everyone in hearing distance. She doesn't know any words, so we're a little unsure what her opinions actually are. She's very excited about something. Probably her four teeth. Or maybe we'll find out she's a commie...

She's ten months old today and I can't even believe it. It's so much fun to hang out with her these days. She smiles so big, is crawling all over the place and pulling up to her knees. These are precious days.

Alison has a meeting with her "new moms" group at church tonight, so the Ells and I are going to hang alone tonight. Of course, we'll be taping tonight's "24" to watch when Alison gets home. I tried to not watch the first half of the season premiere last night, but failed miserably.

I guess that's all for me. Please keep praying about the studio thing and I'll let you all know as soon as I hear back. Love and crockpots to you all...