Thursday morning

Well, I'm up early enough to work out. Make that five times on the elliptical since I got it for Christmas. I think that's once more than I went to the Y all last year. Ah, the waste of money... Anyway, I wanted to catch you up really quick on the past couple of days.

They have been busy, these days. It seems like every night has some activity or group or event or something. It's been great stuff, though, and I think it's about to settle in to the new year's groove.

I worked Monday on my record and then the rest of this week have been engineering and playing guitar for an EP that Jeremy Casella is producing for an artist named Lance Brewer. It's cool stuff, very Johnny Cash, and it's been fun to just worry about the sounds, letting somebody else make all the decisions.

I met with the band Alathea yesterday to talk about the possibility of producing their next record. They're meeting with a couple of producers so I don't know if I'll get to do it, but I think it would be fun. They played me a couple of new songs that were pretty strong. And that would mean I'd get to hang out with Garett more, which is always a good time.

Alison and I have been, very slowly, watching through the episodes of a TV show called "Freaks and Geeks". It's sort of a comedy-drama following a brother and sister in high school in 1980. The younger brother is a geek, as are his friends, and the daughter is like a junior "mathlete" who starts hanging out with "the bad kids". It's a really interesting show, the acting is great, as is the writing, and it looks into all these characters beyond the stereotypes. It got cancelled after one season, and that's sad. It is such a vivid portrayal of high school, especially since I was pretty much always in one of those two camps (i.e. I stopped thinking Star Trek was cool when I started playing guitar and listening to Pink Floyd) so it's made me really nostalgic. Anyway, I highly recommend that show to anybody wondering what to cue up next on their netflix. And it's stinking funny.

Well, enough procrastinating. Time to go burn off the baby fat! Oh, and Monday morning I'm going to visit the place I hope to move the studio. Please pray that this place works out, as it's kind of the last tree I have to bark up currently. All right, thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave any comments with your thoughts on what that black thing was on Lost last night and how great that episode was.