Minneapolis Airport

We had a little type-o somewhere in our flight information getting home from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where we played last night, and so we have a nice four hour layover when we thought we'd be home. Oh well. Todd, Kevin and I actually went to a small church service they had here at the airport. There were ten of us there and it was a sort of Lutheran Liturgy in a small alcove off of a hallway. It was pretty interesting, but it was nice and I'm glad I went.

Alison and I have pretty much decided that we're going to remain a part of the church we were going to a little while ago, and that meets on Sunday mornings. I was hoping to fly standby and get home in time, but it just wasn't possible. A neighborhood fellowship group is starting near us this week, though, and we'll get to be a part of that, which we're really excited about.

Our show last night was pretty good, but very short. They told us we had 30 minutes, and then gave us 45 as we walked on. It was a big crowd, though, and I had my Les Paul with new pickups and my Strat, that I also put new pickups in, and just got back from the shop yesterday, where they fixed just about everything. That thing plays like a new guitar. I was really happy with the way it played and sounded, and that was fun. The festival was at a small water/amusement park, so after we played, Todd, Josh, Kevin and I rode some go-karts. Here is a picture to reiterate how awesome I am when I am about to obliterate all my fellow riders in Go-KartLand...


After that we went back to the hotel, and I ran into my old roommate, Chris Beaty, who is now playing bass for the Supertones. We hung out for about an hour and caught up. He is one of my favorite people on the Earth, but I rarely get to see him anymore. It was really nice to be able to spend some time with him.

Well, that's about it. I'm going to (hopefully) get on a plane here soon and get home to my family. I think we're going to try to hang out with some of our neighbors tonight, and tomorrow I will sleep in.