the Lord provides...

Man, it has been a couple crazy days since I wrote last. I got an absolutely incredible response from my last post. Everybody's willingness to step alongside me and this project has just been overwhelming. I'm going to institute a couple of the ideas that came about over the course of the week.

First of all, I have decided to go ahead and offer pre-orders. Basically, I'll have a paypal link setup through my store, and I'll have your name and address and all pre-orders will be shipped a week before actual release. Even selling a hundred or two of these will cover a lot of the upfront costs for the next couple steps I need to take to get the project finished. I'll be offering a few other "goodies" along with the pre-order as well, but I'm still figuring that out, so I'll let you know when that portion of the site is ready and up.

Secondly, a number of people wrote and said they would love to just send me a few bucks here and there to help out, no strings attached. Honestly, I couldn't believe people's generosity, and it's been so much that I haven't been able to respond to it all yet. Due to so many people wanting to help out in that way, I'm also going to put a place up on the site where you can just send a couple bucks via paypal if you want to. That feels kind of weird, but a lot of you asked me to do it, and I'm not going to say no!

A few other random options have been presented to me, as well, and I'm going to spend a few days thinking and praying through them. It really feels like God just woke me up Monday morning and said, "All right, Andy, time to make this record. I'm going to go ahead and get things rolling for you." Honestly, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to so many of you who sent me ideas, encouragement, and have shared with me your desire to help support my music and my family. It really is an artist's dream to have a community of people take such an ownership of them and their creations. Now I just have to make a killer record!!!

It's going to take a couple days to get all these initial options up and running, so thanks for your patience.

Your encouragement really gave me the courage to start calling around and taking steps forward in a lot of directions this week. I've got a great engineer set to mix now. A guy so brilliant I can't believe he said "yes". I've had conversations with my friend Mark, who'll take the photos, and the guys at Portland Studios, who are going to help with the art and layout. Not only is Chip going to make the changes to the site to help bring in some capital, but his company was very generous in helping provide some much-needed ProTools gear for the process. My next step is lining up some musicians for my next session. I'll keep you posted on all of that. Cason and I are going to meet tomorrow and try to pick out the final list of songs. I've got about 20 or so to choose from. I can guarantee that a few of those not chosen will live on in pre-order world. Again, all of this has happened since Monday morning. Really a breath-taking couple of days. Oh, and a few little album production gigs also came around this week, helping to pay the bills while I'm spending what I raise over here on the record.

My life these last eight years of being a "professional" musician have provided overwhelming evidence for God's being a provider. There have been miracle checks, last-minute gigs, and any number of "there's still a little oil in the pitcher" moments, and this week will rank high in that list.

So thank you so much for your prayer, your support, and really, just your excitement for this project. I can't tell you how much it means to me when I get e-mails from people so jazzed about a new record. I'm humbled and honored, and will keep you all posted. Thanks again, and if you get any more crazy ideas in the middle of the night, feel free to share 'em!

Good night.