Sunday Night

We had a couple great shows this weekend. The first was in Maryland. We had a sold-out crowd who was really into everything. A bunch of the folks were there as well. We were having a good time just telling stories and cracking up in between songs. Probably annoying to people who payed money to hear us play SONGS, but hey, a good time's a good time...

We only got a few hours of sleep that night, and had a long day the next day before we actually got to get ready for our show in Wheaton, IL. We played at Wheaton College, where I actually applied and got turned down years ago. For some reason, divine I'm sure, I tried to get into the conservatory. I had to audition, which meant I had to read actual written music, which means I failed miserably, since I can barely read one note at a time. Anyway, I had a good time informing the crowd that instead of me paying Wheaton College to be there, that day, for me to be there, they were paying me. It was pretty fun. We were all wiped out, but I thought the show was really fun, and we had a good time. I played "early in the morning" and Josh, unbeknownst to me, slid up on the organ and came in at the ending. It was beautiful and a really exciting sound. He is a seriously talented musician, and I forget about that sometimes when we just play the same songs all the time.

My mom came to the show, too, which I really appreciated. She came with a couple from church that she's become friends with, and we got to have dinner together before the show. She wasn't feeling too well, so it was all the more special that she drove two hours each way to see me play.

Tomorrow I have a couple of meetings and will get back into finishing the mixes for Jake Randall's project. I've listened to most of the iTunes songs you recommended Thursday, and will leave my thoughts on them in another day or two. Thanks again for everybody who came out to the shows this weekend, and to all who said hey. It really is wonderful to be reminded again that people actually care about you, and the music you create. I don't take it for granted. Have a great week!