Thanks for the Tunes

Thanks everybody, for the song suggestions. I downloaded the first ten that were available on iTunes (sorry Magic Fingers) and that I didn't already have (Robbie Seay). If you gave me more than one suggestion, I just went with the first one. I'll listen to them this weekend, and post my thoughts next week. Here were the ten:

1 Allison Moorer - Melancholy Polly
2 Casting Crowns - Stained Glass Masquerade
3 Iron and Wine - Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
4 Israel Kamakawi'ole - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
5 Nickel Creek - Doubting Thomas
6 Bubblecraft - Pilotdrift
7 Mae - Suspension
8 Jamie Cullum - High and Dry
9 The Features - Blow It Out
10 Hem - Pacific Street

And I was going to get the Arcade Fire song that Mark Whiten suggested, even though it would have meant eleven songs and it wasn't his first, because I've wanted to hear them, but that song wasn't available on iTunes.

I'll be in Maryland and Wheaton, IL this weekend, so we should have some fun shows. My mom is coming to Wheaton, so if you are too, cheer loudly for everything I do. Make her proud.