the tale of the gift cards...

Here is an e-mail I got from Evan, who is in the opening band for my show down in Baton Rouge last week, and who helped put the whole thing on. For those of you that don't know, we raised over $500 for WalMart gift cards and gave them to the campus ministry there at LSU to help out with the influx of students they've had. Here was the e-mail...

"Hey man,

I just e-mailed to tell you thanks again for an
awesome show last week. And more importantly, thanks
for all those gift cards. This past week we had people
on campus with a table that said something to the
effect of "If you were displaced by Katrina, we want
to help" and now we have over 180 contacts of people
from UNO and other universities who are stuck here
with no $$ and no place to stay permanently. So I just
wanted you to know that your donation helped a lot. We
need those cards!

Thanks again for everything and God bless.

You can see exactly what they're doing with them here at this website...

Thought you would want to know where your help was going. Thanks again for everyone who helped out!