Thank You, Apple

Apple rocks. Seriously. So they built this generation of computers with a weird logic board flaw, but they fix it for free, and fast. If I hadn't been on the road they could have picked it up a week ago, but they got it on Friday and I got it back today (Tuesday). And everything was free. That's customer service. I tell you, when nobody wants to hear me sing or play anymore, I'm heading straight for the Apple store for a job.

However, since I've been without a computer for almost two weeks I have over 200 e-mails to sift through. If you've written me in that time, I'll hopefully get back to you today. That's my goal for the rest of the day. I've got a bunch of thinks to write about, so I may post a few times throughout the day. Feel free to drop a comment and say hello. It's good to be back!