Cliff's Lowden

Ok, so here's the deal. I've gotten a number of people writing me about Cliff's Lowden. Usually, I'd go with a "first-come, first-serve" kind of thing, but since the object here is not as much to give you guys a great deal, although this is, as much as it's helping the Youngs pay their bills. I don't want to do ebay, since it takes a decent cut, and I want them to get all the money. So, a number of you were interested in it for $800. I guess, let me know if anybody wants it for $900 within 24 hours. If more than two people do, we'll go to $1000 and figure it out like that. Is that cool?

Here are some pictures I took of it today. It's an S25, with red cedar top and spruce back and sides. I don't know what the neck is, I assume spruce, but it's amazing. Part of me wants to sell a different guitar and buy this one, actually all of me does, but since I already told you guys about it, I think that'd be unfair. I'm kind of mad at myself about it, actually. Anyway, it comes with a hard-shell case, and I'll throw in some picks that say "The Normals" cause I'm that great of a guy. So here are some photos, feel free to ask any questions. I'm posting this around 6PM Central, so you have until then to let me know you want it for $900, and remember, this really is going to help out the Young family. Thanks guys.

Oh, and if you want to hear it, I know it's the licky guitar part on "The Roses" on Share the Well, as well as a bunch of stuff on Andrew Peterson's last couple records, but I don't remember which. That probably doesn't help as much as I intended it to. It sounds great, that is no lie. Anyway, the photos...

Cliff Guit 1

Cliff Guit 2

Cliff Guit Back

Cliff Guit Back of Neck

Cliff Guit Soundhole

P.S. Can everybody see these? I see I made them too big, so they look a little squashed on here, but can you grab them and see them regular size anyway? I am not good at this. Thanks.