Nashville Weeps

Today our friend Josh Davis moved to Dallas. I told him last night that I would write a blog entry about this and call it "Nashville Weeps" and today was a fitting rainy day. He has helped me out on most of the records I've done the past few years, mixed both my solo records, and taught me how to do a lot of what I do today. More than that, he's a good friend, and I'll miss having him around.

Also today, I spent way too long switching the pickups in my Les Paul. I got really worried I was going to wire it wrong and blow something up, so I spent hours reading specs online, only to find out that it's ridiculously easy. The new pickups sound incredible, and I singed off a little bit of the front of my hair when I leaned over to look at something in the body of the guitar and forgot that I had set my soldering iron right there. You can't tell, but it smelled funny and made me really appreciate my forehead like I never have before.

I've also been listening to Sixpence a ton again. I just got their greatest hits, which is basically "Kiss Me", a bunch of covers and five or six new songs. Which are amazing. They really were the greatest band around here in a long time, and I'm really sad they're gone. I've probably seen them more than any other band, at least that I wasn't on tour with. I really probably saw them more than twenty times, and almost every time walked away thinking "man, I need to go write new songs right now, and probably practice a lot, too." I just love that you can tell they put so much of themselves in their music, and that it is just so stunningly different, and beautiful, from anything else made around here. If you've never listened to them, you should. I think their last record "Divine Discontent" was probably the best record from the "Christian" music world in at least five years, probably a lot longer. It sounds so great, and the songs are amazing, as are all the parts they choose to play. Just great. I want to be Matt Slocum. I'm also rambling. And I need to go to bed.