some real actual news

Why hello, didn't see you there. Welcome to my blog. That was dumb. Ok, so I have some actual news today, which is nice, for a change. The first is that I'll be playing a show here in Nashville a week from today. July 14 at Midtown Fellowship's 12 South Venue. I'll be doing a half-hour acoustic set, along with 2 other singer-songwriters. Matthew Jones, who runs the venue, is trying to start up a weekly Thursday evening songwriter event, and this will be part of it. The cost is $3 and goes to the ongoing running of the venue. Not a huge deal, but I haven't played out by myself in a while locally, and I'll probably play a few new songs as well.

In other news, I had a good meeting with my friend Chip today. He is an old friend who has run my website for the past couple of years. In a couple weeks or so my website and this here blog will be becoming one and the same. I'll have updated photos, tour dates and music on there, and it will all be built around the blog. I've come to really enjoy this type of forum, so we'll see how it works as my main site. This address will still work for the blog, though, so you shouldn't have to change anything. If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see on the site, now is the time to let me know. We'll have another redesigning for the release of the next solo record.

Tomorrow Caedmon's will be playing a headlining slot at LiFest in Wisconsin, which should be fun. Festivals are fun to play, but the daytime slots can be pretty grueling, so hot and sweaty and loud. Playing them at night, when the crowd is a bit more settled and the breeze is flowing, is one of my favorite things about being in a band. I'm excited to play a full set again, as well.

Today I headed back to Vittles for lunch, and introduced the glory to Todd and Randall. We had a great time, gorged on Southern cooking, and then just sat and talked for about two hours. It was nice to hang out beyond a work setting. I'm so grateful to have such great people and Godly men in my life.

I guess that's about it for today. Oh, yesterday, Todd, Garett and I recorded what we think is the last song for the new Caedmon's record. It's called "Fellowship", I think. All we had were Cliff and Danielle's vocals and we built the rest around it. I played bass, which I love. Usually, when I play on CC records, it gets re-recorded by the time of release, but since the record is due today, I think, I have a chance of getting it on there. I actually played two parts, one far left and one far right, and they're both pretty funky. A total Lanois "The Maker" rip-off, but who cares. Anyway, we'll see if it makes it.

We're going to hang out a bit with Clay and Sarah tonight. It's Sarah's birthday. Alison is making some cupcakes now and I'm sure some Nerts will be played again. Ella is getting better at napping and she's discovered a little toy piano that she can bang on, and it's very cute and makes me excited for piano lessons when she gets older.

Well, if you'll be at the show in Wisconsin tomorrow, please come and say hello, and I'd love it if anybody could make my set at 12 South next week. Again, suggestions for the new website are much appreciated as well. Take care, and I'll talk to you soon.