I have an intern

So a couple weeks ago I asked this guy, Brandon, who I had recorded for the Mayes guitar project, and who is a student at a nearby college, if he was still in need of an internship, as he had mentioned a long while earlier. He said he was. He is now my intern. This is funny to me. I don't really even have a JOB, but I do have an INTERN. I bought this old, weird pedal on ebay a few weeks ago, and it doesn't work right, so I sent it with Brandon down to Tim, aka PedalDoctor.com, to fix it. Tim is WAY south of Franklin, about 35 minutes away, sans traffic. It's almost rush hour. Poor Brandon. He said his roommate's internship consists of him doing some dude's laundry and picking up cigarette butts in the yard, so I guess he doesn't have it that bad.

I found a decently-priced MM4 pedal on ebay last night, too, and I'm excited to get that. Now I'll be putting a few pedals up on Ebay because their place has been taken. But if anybody wants a Boss Tremolo, or a Visual Sound H2O, both in mint condition, let me know tonight, and I'll cut you a big deal. I just can't afford to have them hanging around if I'm not actively using them. And it kills me, because I love pedals. Especially that H2O, but I have another one for my flight board, so I'll be all right. Send me an e-mail if you want to know anything about these pedals.

Last night was a lot of fun. Andy and Ben's wives had a dinner thing, and they dropped all of their kids off over here to hang out for about two hours. So we had Andy, his three kids, Ben, his two, Alison, Ella and I all hanging out. It was a blast. Those kids are so funny, and it was just crazy to look at our little Ella, who pretty much slept through the whole party, and know that soon she'll be a little KID, just like Andy's KIDS. So weird. I can't believe I'm a parent.

Ella just keeps getting more fun. She's sleeping in four hour chunks at night now, up from three, and I can't believe the difference that is making. She really moves her little head around now, and she's such a cuddler, so when you put her over your shoulder she brings her head as close to yours as she can. It's unreal. I'm just amazed by her.

God continues to provide in crazy and miraculous ways these days. The band's cancelling their last two tours early has not been all that easy on the finances, but He continues to see us through, and we are so thankful. My life is such a testament to God's provision. When I was a kid I had such a picture in my head of what it would be like to be a professional musician. In that picture I was not broke. The picture was wrong, but I'm ok with that. It would be nice to not have to worry, but the truth is: I don't have to. I do because I'm a sinner. God has ALWAYS provided, and I've given him quite a challenge sometimes. I'm learning to rest in that. It's harder now with a daughter, but it's ok.

Dean and Jason are over today, and while Andy and Ben are working they have been playing ping-pong and now basketball. Dean is SUCH a good ping-pong player. Like CHINESE good. Other than that, I have a rehearsal tonight with Michelle Avery, so I'll have to tape The Office. Weigel is playing this show, too, though, so that will be fun. Also, Billy sent me this today, and I just can't believe it...

And with that, I bid you adieu...