Monday afternoon

Well, it's Monday. Andy and Ben got back from their show this weekend, and are getting started down in the Eagle. My brother, Rob, and his wife Candice were here this weekend, and that was a lot of fun. They got to meet Ella, and they completely re-landscaped our front yard. Rob is a landscape designer, and when he saw what we had going on in our yard he about puked. We woke up one day to find Candice mowing the lawn and Rob pulling up plants. It looks great now, and we're really excited. I don't think I've planted anything since like second grade, so that was fun. Both my brother and my brother-in-law are great with tools and building stuff and all that home repair junk. I feel good about myself when I change a couple light bulbs. If I didn't have them, I swear our house would fall over.

This week is going to be nuts, work-wise. We just found out we have one less week to do Andy's record than we thought, and Todd and Garett are doing a day of Caedmon's drums here, this week as well. I'm also playing a show with my friend Michelle Avery here in town on Thursday night, and we have a couple rehearsals for that. So, I'm just bracing myself for that to all get started. We did get some decent sleep last night, though, and that helps a ton.

The other night I decided that I wanted to pick up trombone again, and spent too long this weekend looking for one really, really cheap on ebay. I think I'll wait for the garage sales. Ebay, man, love it and hate it. You finally find a trombone for under a dollar, but it costs $35 to ship it! Anyway, I'm going to play with Ella for a little bit until I have to go back to work.