A Little Late Night Ebay - Dishes Party

So I'm trying to stay awake until 2am, cause that's when Ella needs to eat again, and I think I can make it, but man, I am TIRED. So I went around and found some things to put on ebay besides the guitar stuff I was planning on selling. There's some old computer stuff, and some random guitar accessories as well as a guitar each from Cason and I.

I was going to try and put a couple baby pictures on here, cause we have some new really cute ones, but I can't figure out how to do it. If anyone knows, please lend me a hand. And I doubt I made that ebay thing an actual link, but I know you can make it do that, too....

[Ed. This is why you keep me around and answer all my silly emails. Thanks, though, for not calling me in the middle of the night to ask me how to do this. ;)]

In other news, the rest of our Andy P session went well today. Andy Gullahorn was over playing acoustic guitar, and he was phenomenal, I spelled that wrong, I'm sure, and we got great acoustic sounds. I've never been this excited about acoustic sounds in my life. Using a stereo pair of Rode NT5's through API pre's, then a stereo RNC Compressor, to a Focusrite 428 converter. Man, they just sound great.

We've also been recording a little bit of each of the seven or eight acoustic guitars laying around, and then "blind taste-testing" them. This means the guys listen to a snippet of each and they just get a number to attach to each guitar. Once we've picked the one we like I let them know which one was chosen. We've been surprised a number of times. The McPherson has won out more than we thought, and the Avalon is actually darker sounding than the Lowden, which we didn't expect. Also, Charley is always awesome, but Andy doesn't like the way he plays, so the guitars won't be as good as they could be on this record. But they'll be ALMOST as good as they can be, and I guess we'll all just have to settle for that.

Now, I must do dishes, and ever more dishes, in hopes of being awake at 2, AND having clean dishes in the morning. (We have a dishwasher, but it's on the wrong side of the kitchen, so it can't possibly work, and is where we keep our chips and crackers and cereal and such. High class.) Good night.