settling back in

Well, the last Christmas show was Sunday night, and it was a blast, as usual. This was probably the most fun I've had on tour since I was 19 and 20 and driving around in a van with the Normals and Matthew Perryman Jones was opening for us and Weigel was running sound. Those were good days. And so have been these. It was just an amazing time to spend with some of my best friends. It's great to be done and back home, but a little bittersweet for sure.

Yesterday I just ran a ton of errands and tried to get a lot of business stuff done that had been on the need-to-do list for a while. Some I can't tell you about yet (ooh, what is it!?!) some was just boring, and some was working on the pre-order site, which you, by now, probably all just imagine contains information about the next Guild weekend, but lo, I assure you, it's almost there. And thanks again for your patience.

Last night was a memorable Nashville music night that I came totally unexpected. Jones called me about playing guitar for a three-song set at a writer's night thing at a club called the Mercy Lounge. Weigel was playing bass, Cason was on keys, and Andy Hubbard was playing kit, so it was a great band. We've done it before, and it's fun, but it's usually a bunch of sad, slow, boring solo acoustic guitar stuff and we're this lone rock band. Last night, though, as we were getting our stuff off stage, the person announcing stuff said "next up: the Bees!" and I couldn't believe it. They have been Nashville's greatest secret band. we all know who the lead singer is, since he used to host a similar night at a different club a few years ago, but that's about all we know. They played a few shows, then broke up, and had an album that never came out yet that everybody seemed to get, and it's honestly one of my favorite records. Apparently, they're playing together again and they played three new songs and were amazing. Right after that my friend Griffin House got up and played, who hasn't lived here in a while so I hadn't seen him in months. Jeff Irwin, who played bass for the Far Country tour and on my new record, played with him, as did my friends Ian and Court and ol' Cason sat in on a tune as well. They also played all new songs and they were killer. Very dynamic, very Springsteen, just a huge voice and charisma. It was really fun to get to play with my good, old friends and then to get to just sit and enjoy some great music. Fun times.