checking in

It's 4 am and I just got home from this week's AP Christmas shows. This week we played in Florida, Tennessee and tonight in Ohio. All three shows were great, unique in their own ways as they were. In Florida we played outside, a first for the Christmas tour, and it was still pretty cold by the end there. It was a nice night, though, and the audience was patient with our cold fingers and throats. Johnson City, TN had a great intimacy. The crowd was right up close to the stage, and with the anticipation of the "will they or won't they make it?" Webbs, who did make, but barely, the night was on its toes. Tonight felt like the most relaxed of the three shows. Everybody seemed comfortable and the audience was welcoming, they had even seemed to have heard of me before, which felt nice.

We've been having a blast on the bus. The Sudoku puzzles have been all the rage, splitting the tour into the inevitable two camps : the "Mathletes" and the pharisees. At least that's what us mathletes call the people who make fun of us. The initiated also welcomed the uninformed into the wonderful world of Arrested Development on this tour, with a couple of late night episodes each evening. It was great to watch through a second time and catch so many new things.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully sleep in just a bit, then play with Ella and spend time with Alison. Her folks are in town for Clay's graduation, so I'm sure we'll see them as well, which will be great. We have one last Christmas show on Sunday in Alabama, and then I'm home for a good, long while, and I can't wait.

Well, I should get to bed. Thanks for stopping by, and many thanks to everybody who's come out to the shows and bought records and came up and said hello. Have a great weekend.