Fort Collins and Dallas

I'm sitting backstage after our last of a few shows here in Dallas. It's been a crazy but fun past three days. I'm sure ready to get back home to my family, though. It's amazing how quickly I can really, really miss them these days.

My solo show in Fort Collins was a blast. The church was celebrating opening a new youth center and my concert was the first event held there. The people were really nice and everybody was having fun at the show, just laughing and being involved. I probably told as many stories as I played songs. That used to be unusual for me, but it's starting to happen more and more. Probably from hanging out with Andy Peterson and Cliff Young. They also had carpet-ball, which they had at my summer camp, Lake Waubesa, in Madison, WI when I was in Jr. High. I don't want to get cocky about it, but I played like eight games and only lost one. So if you know of a carpet-ball game anywhere near a show, let me know. It's on.

Ok, I have to leave now and go back to the hotel. Write more in a few minutes...

Aaaaaaaaaand, I'm back. Anyway, Fort Collins was fun and there was a really good opener, Clayton Risner who has like 80 million friends on MySpace. So, yeah, a good time was had, unless you played me in carpet-ball....

Moving on, I've been in Dallas with Caedmon's for the past two days. We've been stationed at a church here playing at a conference yesterday, church services this morning and evening, and a concert tonight. A lot of playing. It's been a busy couple of days, but it's been fun to be with the band again. It's been almost eight months since the actual seven members have all been at the same show, with bass players and girl singers coming and going somewhat, and so it was a welcomed reunion.

Well, that's about it for this weekend. I have to get up nice and early to get to the airport to get home where tracking for my record will have already begun without me. Thank God for Cason. I'll be posting daily this week about the work we'll be doing, so please keep checking in. Oh, and my Suhr guitar got to my house forty minutes after I left for the airport Friday morning. Bummer. So I have a lot of things to look forward to when I get home in the morning. I get to see my family, my friends, get some major (drums and bass) work done on my record, and get to play a new guitar. Oh, and then I'm doing another photo shoot for the record in the evening. I'll sleep well tomorrow night for sure. Thanks again, and I'll write again soon.