a quick update

It's been a couple days since I've written last, and I wanted to keep you up to date on what's been going on this week. Saturday we did one of the photo shoots for the new record, and it turned out great. This shot involves some more work to complete, so I don't want to share it yet, but just want to say that I'm excited at how it's turning out.

Cason and I have spent the last two days getting the songs ready for drums and bass, which we'll record next week. Shane Wilson (Switchfoot, Sarah Masen) is going to engineer them, so that's going to rock. My old intern Dave dropped by today as well and it was good to see him. So did Jason, who was attempting some sort of maneuver where you buy Wendy's coupon books to get a certain number of a certain size of Frosty's to redeem some other coupon to get an airplane ticket to sell on ebay. At the end of the day, it probably takes as much work and effort as a real job, but hey, he's screwing the man, so I hope it works...

I'm working with Josh Wilson tomorrow, and then back with Cason on my stuff on Thursday, before I leave for the weekend. Friday night I'll be playing a solo show in Fort Collins, and am very much looking forward to some good BeauJo's pizza, and Saturday and Sunday will head down around Dallas to play at a conference with Caedmon's, where we'll get to speak about the Dalit Freedom Network. Cliff just got back from India late last week, and I'm excited to get to hear about his trip.

Halloween was fun last night. Ella was the cutest bunny on the block, even if she wasn't the fondest of her costume. She got one whole piece of candy, which her mean parents ate just because she only has two tiny, little, microscopic teeth. We spent the majority of the night over at the Peterson's with the Shives and our friend Whit. Much good chili, conversation and two-year old stand-up comedy made for a delightful evening. And I was asleep by 10:00 which was both surprising and enjoyable. I'm looking to repeat the "early to bed, early to rise" tonight, especially since I guilted my friends Mitch and Paul to come work out with me tomorrow, so I can't be the dude who backs out. So it's to bed with a fresh stack of library books for me. As always feel free to say hello, pre-order a record, or just look around. Good night.