weekend shows coming up

Well, my week at home is over. I had a fun session today with Andy Gullahorn and Matt Stanfield playing electric guitar on Jill Phillips' new record. They had some friends come over to sing background vocals late in the afternoon and did a track of Andy Peterson's little boys and Jill's little guy Drew, who's three, singing a little bgv part. It was terrible and so awesome. They were ecstatic about it.

Alison and I went to our church membership class and then came home to spend hours trying to look up old high school classmates/ex-girlfriends/ex-boyfriends with her brother Clay and his wife Sarah. Good times, good times. We're going to watch last night's episode of Lost tonight before I crash.

I have to get up at 4:15 am to get to the airport to go to a Caedmon's show in San Jose. Looking forward to the show, but not to hearing the alarm in five hours.

On Saturday I'll be playing a solo show with Father Maple at Thrio's Coffee House in Arkadelphia, AR. You should come. Father Maple is a good band I'm looking forward to hearing live, and they're going to play a few of my tunes with me as well, which should be fun. I'll be bringing my new Suhr guitar for its first live shows this weekend, as well, so I'm excited about that.

Well, I should really get to bed, or at least to the VCR, but I'll try to write this weekend and let you know how the shows are going. Have a great Friday...