drums - day 3

Well, today was the last day for drums and bass and it couldn't have gone better. Ken Lewis played kit and Aaron Sands was on bass. We tracked the songs "Santa Barbara", my rock and roll epic, "Following the Blind" and "New Beginning." I was really pleased with the performances and sounds.

I couldn't believe how quickly this time came and went, and I'm already missing it. My wife is not. She gets the house (somewhat) quieter tomorrow. I'll be doing guitar overdubs for Jill Phillips' record tomorrow, which will be fun. I'm excited to hear what they've added since the initial tracking.

Oh, before I forget...

Here's Aaron...

and here's Ken...

I just got to plug in my new Suhr Strat for the first time tonight, and I was really pleased with it. I was surprised by how different it sounded from my old '79 Fender American. I figured that since they're the same type of guitar, with the same pickups for the most part even, that they'd sound pretty similar. I could probably tell them apart with my eyes closed, though. Not that one's better than the other, they're both great.

The Suhr has a very full and round sound, the humbucker in the bridge is a rock monster, and it has a push-pull knob to let me add the bridge pickup to the other pickups; a very cool feature. It's got a silent singl-coil system that they're really proud of, but honestly, on and off it was so quiet I couldn't believe it. The neck feels really great, and almost out of my league! This guitar is definitely above my ability, but hopefully it can open new doors for my tone and my playing. The action is so great I'm excited about the freedom it will allow. And I think it looks pretty rad, too.

In other news, I got the new Cardigans cd the other day, via Best Buy bucks from McDonald's Monopoly, it wasn't all a waste, and a copy of Derek's new cd "Mockingbird." I'm too tired to write about them now, but I will say that I'm really impressed and excited by both albums, and I'll write about them more soon. The Cardigans made a fine piece of rock craftsmanship and Derek's cd is very thought-provoking and sonically pleasing.

Anyway, I've got about three minutes left before I start typing deluded flippers on see-saw wheels.... oh me... oh my... coffee on the couch is who?? Ok, I've been up too long. Write more tomorrow or Friday. Oh, and if you live in Arkansas, come see me play with Father Maple Saturday night. Thanks for swinging by.