sometimes I just don't have a title

Well, I have a lot to tell you about today. First of all, thanks to everybody who already pre-ordered the new record. I have already received more orders than I thought I would, and we've already sold enough to account for about 15% of the record budget. In a little over a day, that's not bad at all. It's enough to get started with and I'm so thankful. We'll hopefully have the "freebie" site up in around a week or so.

Today I worked on the first of three days tracking for Jill Phillips' new record. It went really well, and the songs were great. Aaron Sands is playing bass, Ken Lewis is on the drums, Andy Gullahorn is handling the acoustics, while Matt Stanfield is playing keys and producing. It's a great band. I did a song with 12-string mando-guitar Rick Felkel built me, and I was really happy with that, as well. I'll try to take a few pictures for you tomorrow.

Cason and I worked on my record some yesterday. We put a few initial pieces on a song tentatively called "Trying to Get This Right." I'm working on the mixes for Jake Randall this week, as well.

I played a show in Iowa with Andy P and Ben on Saturday. Had to pull an all-nighter to get there, and so did Andy and Ben, so we were really wiped out all day. The show was at 3 in the afternoon, though, so that was nice. We were all asleep by 9pm. Unusual to say the least. It was a nice show. A little unique. There was a kid riding a cow in the back of the crowd. That was a first. There were a lot of people really into AP there, though, and that made it nice. It's always great to look at the audience and see a bunch of them mouthing all the words with you.

Sunday I just spent at home with Alison and Ella, and finished cleaning up the studio while they took a nap. I changed my control room area around a bit. Got rid of a big table and an old mixer, and put in the HD stuff. I added a set of monitors, so I can A-B different speakers for the mix. It feels really nice and a little more "professional." Little by little I'm creating the illusion I know what I'm doing... Anyway, it was great to just spend some time with my girls. Ella is sitting up like a champ these days. It's so much fun.

I guess that's about it, thanks again to all the pre-order folks. Not only is it INCREDIBLY helpful financially, but it is really, really encouraging. To know people are getting behind me. It's awesome.

Well, everybody, have a great Tuesday night and I'll write again soon.