New City - Knoxville, TN

It's 2 am and I just got in from my show tonight at the New City in Knoxville. I had a great band with me, Paul Eckberg on drums, Jason Feller on guitar, Kevin Mann on bass and a last-minute "why not?" Cason Cooley on keys. Man, what a blast. I am loving getting back to playing my own songs with a band. We played a lot more up-tempo numbers tonight, as well as two songs from the unfinished album, a song called "Following the Blind" and one called "White Dove" that I debuted tonight. It was fun to let loose and be a rock band. I just had so much fun.

It's great when the guys you get to play with are the guys you want to hang out with anyway. We spent six hours in a van getting there and getting back, and that was almost as much fun as playing a rock and roll show. My friend Whit hopped in the van and rode along with us as well, and we all enjoyed getting to know him better. Arthur Alligood played some great new songs to open the evening, and Greg Adkins did a really intimate and confident set to close the night. He played most of his new album, which I produced, and so Paul and I sat in with him on some of the songs. It's always fun to play a song in four minutes that you spent a few days on in the studio. Fun to see them come to life...

Tomorrow my friend Mark Nicholas and I are going to head out to Kenny Meeks' farm to do the photography for the new album. He's a great photographer, and an even better hang, so I'm looking forward to the time. We have some pretty interesting ideas for ways to bring alive some of the themes of the album, and I'm excited to see how they pan out.

Well, I think I'm sufficiently settled down from the driving and unloading, so it's time to head for bed. Thank you so much to the people who came out to see me tonight. I hope you had half as much fun as I did.