walking in Salem

Man, Marc Cohn needs to put out another record. I spent the weekend in Salem, Oregon, or should I say, I spent the weekend in, and getting to and from, Salem, Oregon with Andrew Peterson and Ben Shive. LONG flights, back to back, but it was all right. I slept most of the way there, and read the book "Ender's Game" that Andy loaned me on the way back. It was a great book, that you probably all read in jr. high.

Our show went well, the people were very nice. They had Andy play that Sunday morning in their church services, but they wanted him to play songs I didn't really do anything on, so I slept in a little bit and then just walked around downtown Salem for a couple hours. Thanks to the time zone difference I was up fairly early. Salem is an older town, and has a lot of charm. Small shops and antique malls mingle on the old blocks with the hippie's bike shops and all-natural cafe's. Unfortunately, because it was a Sunday morning and still kind of early, everything was closed, so I just enjoyed the crisp air and the fact that I wasn't in a basement or a studio, or both, to actually enjoy real, natural air. I should do that more often.... The trees there are already halfway through the autumn's fall and the colors of their leaves were brilliant and unique. Bright pink, neon red and flaming orange lined every street curb. It almost looked photo-shopped, it was so dazzling. I took some camera-phone pictures to send back to Alison, but they really did a horrible injustice. It was a really nice time to just enjoy the day and some rare and refreshing time alone.

This week I'll be in the studio a ton. We'll be getting the drums and bass for two different EP's. The artists are Josh Wilson and Matt Long, both good, catchy songwriters with hair to kill the ladies. We'll be over at Paul Eckberg's all week to do these tracks. Always a good time.

Tonight Alison and I took Ella with us to the library, I wanted another book about Ender, and then to the new Chik-Fil-A that just opened a couple miles away. Mmm. Love that stuff. That followed with a wild and exciting trip to Target and then the Coldstone Creamery, since we were feeling so footloose and fancy-free. Chocolate with Butterfinger. Delicious.

So now the family's asleep and I'm wired for no reason, except that I'm really, really tired and have to be up in six hours.

I've been shooting blanks with my McDonald's Monopoly for a while now. I've got all but one piece of every Monopoly and I'm starting to think that my twenty million isn't going to come as easily as I first thought... Oh well, I'm sure it will happen this week. After all, I have great ideas of what to do with it...

Well, thanks for reading this ramble. Hope you're having a good, healthy start to a week with some sort of discovery or healing. For now, I'm off to bed...