Well, tonight's show was interesting. The crowd was really wonderful, and I thought the band played really well, but OH MY, we had sound issues. They had some really awkward digital monitor board, and the guy running it didn't really know how to work it. Change that. He had no idea. A majority of the band had no monitor at all for most of the show. I was ok, cause I could hear my amps and Todd was right behind me. But it was so hard to hear what anybody else was doing, or even hear your own voice. The crowd was really, really patient and encouraging, and overall it was still a really good show.

I played two songs tonight, High School Band and Early in the Morning, the free demo of which is located in the drawing board, by the way. Josh snuck up and came in on the B3 again in the second song, and it was amazing. He had the greatest tone of it, and they kept the lights off on him, so it felt like the sound was just erupting out of nowhere. It was as amazing as you're allowed to say your own song is.

Josh has been showing me how the B3 actually works, and I must say I'm impressed. I've never really thought about all that goes into it, but the more he's shown me the more I can't believe people can play it. There are so many different tones and harmonics, and you're able to be in control of all of them. It's such an incredibly cool instrument, and my respect for people who can play it well, which includes Josh and the illustrous Ben Shive, has grown considerably.

Speaking of Ben, I'm playing with Andrew Peterson tomorrow in Iowa, and my flight leaves at 6am, and I have to be in the lobby of our hotel at 4:15. It's midnight now. I should go to bed. Thanks to everybody who came out to the show and was so kind. I'll write more soon, and finish my reviews of the iTunes songs as well. Good night!